HIIT - strength, conditioning Yoga

 Our HIIT - strength, conditioning Yoga class is a complete program that was developed to meet all of your fitness needs in a quick work out that will leave you energized. We begin with a unique muscular activation warm up to open your body to its full potential. The next phase is Strength training and high intensity where we devise a weekly full body circuit training routine focused on cardiovascular, strength, and core training, as well as body alignment. The following phase is our own unique blend of yoga. In the final phase, we finish off with guided meditation.


Whether you’re a beginner who hasn’t worked out in years, or a triathlon athlete, we have a designed program where you will feel challenged, motivated and confident. You will not feel pressured to be faster or stronger than your classmates, or match another persons reps. When your in our encouraging and friendly environment, all you have to do is your present best and work at your own personal pace!