Boxing is quickly becoming everyones favorite activity from celebrities to stay at home parents and everyone in between.Now as boxing is an amazing workout; our goal here at WMMA is to teach proper technique. Our boxing system is similar to the same system that made Frankie Edgar and Eddie Alvarez UFC champions.

We focus on movement using effective foot-work, head movement, hand faints and clinching. You will learn how to be balanced on your strikes, counter strikes and blocks, how to keep progression on your combos, and how to adjust when someone counters back.


All our classes are structured so anyone, regardless of experience, may learn similar techniques as top-level strikers do. Our class is also designed so you may participate at your own pace, with no pressure to try to keep up with more advanced students. So whether you goal is to lose weight, reduce stress, or simply have fun with like-minded individuals, this class will fit your needs. 

Warm up: aglilty, hand and feet speed

Rounds 6 rounds with a partner, each partner has 3 rounds